Wynhoven Healthcare Center has an emergency preparedness plan in place in the event of a hurricane/disaster requiring emergency evacuation.  This plan follows the format mandated by the State of Louisiana and meets the requirements set forth by the Department of Health and Hospitals.  Our emergency considerations include staffing, supplies, equipment and transportation.  All departments are involved in our decision making and plan development

In addition Wynhoven Healthcare Center has invested in the purchase of a facility owned evacuation location in Bunkie, La.  This facility is permanently equipped with basic equipment such as hospital beds and wheelchairs as well as providing kitchen facilities during a disaster.  We are also equipped with back up emergency power capabilities.  These facilities should assist our elders to experience less trauma in an emergency/evacuation situation and also assist staff to provide better quality care in an this type of situation.  For additional information please contact our administrator or nursing director.

In the event that evacuation is required please review the followijng information.  This will assist you with information on our location, means of contact and emergency procedures.

Primary Site

Facility Owned Site
805 Shirley Drive
Bunkie, La. 71322
Alternate Site
St. Thmoas More Catholic Church
1141 Goodwood Blvd.
Baton Rouge, La. 70815
Emergency Communication Alternatives
Archdiocese of New Orleans
Emergency Phone Line
Please note this number will only be activated in a hurricane or other disaster situation.
This line will be a voice mail prompt system.  Identify yourself as an employee, resident/family member or vendor of Wynhoven Healtcare Center. Have your message ready with your name, name of resident, contact number and/or email address.  Speak slowly and clearly please.
Facility Cell Phone Number
(504) 453-7979
Web site-Visit for Updates During a Hurricane/Disaster
Alternate Emergency Web Site
Please note this web site will only be activated in a hurricane or other disaster situation.
  • Employees are responsible to remain in contact with the facility during any disaster/evacuation.
  • Family Members are asked to please designate one person per family to contact the facility and then be responsible to relay this information to all other family members.



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